The first full week of April started off well with some nice weather that was much needed!

All were excited to get outside a few times this week during big room time and exert some energy outside and sunshine!

All the Flat Stanley’s that came in were great and we shared them with the class this week. We had some unique names and great pictures and activities that the Flats went! I think the farthest any traveled was Puerto Rico!!! We had a picture of the student and theirs on the beach!

Graduation pictures were taken on Tuesday and any students who missed pictures, a retake day will be scheduled and information will be sent home once the photographer gets that information to us. We also had little classroom parties on Tuesday for Easter. We made a cross page that the students did well on as well as making our bunny headbands! My favorite we did last week and they needed to dry and went home on Tuesday were our peep paintings!!! I think they all turned out super cute!

Some of the centers we did this week included: creating our own individual name quilts (which will be constructed all together outside our class as a classroom name quilt, I will try to post a picture of this next week), circled the beginning sound of each picture, patterning with quilts, traced our shape of the month octagons, practiced tracing the letter Qq/our letter for the week, completed a Qq page with different items that begin with the letter Qq and lastly completed our April name writing sample.

I read a few books this week that were: The Night Before Easter, There was an old lady who swallowed a Chick, The Recess Queen, Singing in the Rain, and Bunny Please Smile!

Next week our letter is Yy and we have lots planned the rest of the month to prepare for our May review month! Please continue to practice, letters, letter sounds, numbers 0-20, first and last name spelling, and we will be working on our phone numbers and addresses again this month!

If you would have any questions, please email me! Enjoy your weekend! 🙂