This week we focused on the letter Cc. We talked about the sound the letter Cc makes and how candy cane, clouds and cookie start with the letter Cc.

On Tuesday, we did activities with candy canes. We read the book Katie the Candy Cane Fairy. During centers, we put the corresponding numbers of beads on a candy cane pipe cleaner, did our Cc says /c/ cutting page, traced/wrote the letter Cc, wrote our letters in sand boxes with a candy cane, found the letter Cc and painted fingerprints in the shape of a candy cane. We also made a candy cane bead ornament.

On Wednesday, we did activities with clouds. We read books titled The Crayon Box that Talked and How to Catch an Elf. During centers, we traced our numbers with cloud tracing cards, wrote our names in shaving cream, a cloud creative writing, and made cloud shapes out of cotton balls. We also got to play with water beads in the afternoon.

On Thursday, we did activities around the story, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. Which, we also read. During centers, we matched numbers with pretend cookies, matched upper- and lower-case ABCs with a cookie theme, made our ABCs with geoboards, and patterned with linking chains. In the afternoon, we got to decorate and eat a cookie.

We have been very busy these last couple of weeks. 

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Until next week,

Mrs. Brandi