Week of December 15th-17th

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Numbers and Letters:

11 and 12

C and J

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Tues: Wearing something Christmas Today

Everyone looked so festive today in their Christmas outfits! We started out the day by reading the story ” How do Dinosaurs say Merry Christmas.” Then we had fun with glue and yarn! The kids thought it was fun but gross! We then had fun with some Christmas activities! Then we did Christmas race to the top- rolling two die and tracing the number of both die added together.

Wed: Making Christmas Cards

Today we had fun making Christmas Cards! First we colored and cut out pictures, then we glued them on construction paper, and finally we wrote out Merry Christmas- Love, and their name! It was so much fun to watch them make their very own Christmas card! 

Thurs: It’s a Birthday with Jesus

Today we celebrated the birth of Jesus! It was a Christmas celebration! We then made Christmas hand print wreaths, then we made a polar express treat to go home! Finally we did our grab bag of gifts the kids brought in for one another and we finished our day by watching Polar Express! We couldn’t leave before getting our Elf kisses from Rosie and Oscar! We will see them next year!


Little Porcupine’s Christmas

Snowmen At Christmas

Who is coming to our House?

How Do Dinosaurs say Merry Christmas?

Christmas with Peppa


Don’t Do It!              Matthew 6:13

A Time to Rejoice   Habakkuk 3:18

Filled with Love      2 Thessalonians 3:5

Everyone had a fantastic time at their Christmas Party!


Mrs. Nichole

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