WOW! This week flew by faster than last…and we only have one more week together this year until break!

We were busy this week working on the letter Jj and triangles.

Monday: We had lots of kids wearing blue for our color for the month! We completed a dice game with our jellybean jars, tried to find the missing number, and were hard at work finishing up some other Christmas goodies that will be coming home next week! It’s top secret! We were so busy today, that the books I had picked I didn’t have time to read them! Each day the kids have been reciting how to spell not only their first names (which most have mastered, even without looking!) but also adding our last names. Along with names I review all the letters we have covered so far this year and the sound the letter makes. If I counted correct we have covered 11 letters so far!

Tuesday: We were jumping for Jesus and had centers focused on Jesus! We colored crosses the color that the cross had on it, completed a J is for Jesus page with our bingo dabbers, also a J is for Jesus page with practice writing our upper and lowercase J, and lastly we had a I love you cut and paste cross page. Again, trying to finish up some crafts in any spare time we had! The two books I made time for were Merry Christmas Curious George and The Adventures of Otto: See Santa Nap.

Wednesday: Jellyfish all day! We started with a jellyfish coloring page, made our Zoophonics J for Jellyfish and lastly created pretty large jellyfish with matching numbers on the tentacles. During our art time we completed another project that will be coming home next week! The two books today were Five Busy Elves and The Tooth Fairy vs. Santa!

Thursday: We practiced writing our first and last names. We do this at least once a week if not more as start up. Centers included our December Writing/Drawing sample. We complete these once a month and are kept until the end of the year to see writing and drawing/coloring progression. We also finished a triangle color and cut page, this I also kept. The two books I got through today were How to Catch a Snowman and 12 Days of Christmas. Since the kids worked hard all week we had some extra big room time at the end of the day and while some were socializing, I was calling kids to finish up one last craft!

A few reminders for the end of the school year:

  • Monday the 13th is our Party day…if you are going to have your child participate in the gift exchange, please send in a gift with them on Monday for $5. Girls will buy a gift for a girl and boys buy for a boy. The information about this is on the back of the monthly calendar. If you have questions, send me an email.
  • If I reached out to you for donating an item for the party, PLEASE bring it on Monday!!!!
  • PLEASE if you have a sick child keep them at home! If a family member is POSITIVE with Covid at home, your child also needs to quarantine. Our policy at ABC is a 14 day quarantine. We are trying to keep everyone safe and healthy before the holidays. Please be kind and considerate.

If you have any questions before the end of the year, please reach out and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Have a great weekend!