Week of December 6th-9th

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Numbers and Letters:

C, J

11, 12

Colors this Week:


Shape of the Week:


Mon: Jellybean

  • Today we had fun do an experiment with Jellybeans. First we put Jellybeans in vinegar to see if they dissolve. Then we put them in water to see if they dissolved. We were so shocked when water dissolved the Jellybeans the fastest.

Tues: Jumping for Jesus

  • Today we had fun in big room jumping for Jesus.
  • Then we talked about why we are Thankful for Jesus.
  • Finally we started a project of making a cross out of tissue paper.


  • Today we worked on finishing our cross project.
  • Then we had fun dipping yarn into glue and making a fun shape wrapping the yarn around sewing pins.
  • Finally we had fun decorating Christmas bags.


  • Today we had fun lacing beads and turning into a fun shape.
  • Then we practiced tracing capital and lowercase letter Jj.
  • We then made foam shapes.
  • Finally we watched Charlie Brown Christmas!


  • The Jellybeans and the big dance
  • Click, Clack. Ho! Ho! HO!
  • The Jungle Run
  • Rumble in the Jungle


  • Giving to Others 2 Corinthians 8:7
  • What do you see?  Psalm 17:15
  • Always God’s Child Psalm 23:6
  • God is Faithful Hebews 10:23

Reminder: Don’t forget your grab bag gift Monday.


Mrs. Nichole

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