Hi Parents,

We had a fun (but short) week with the letter ‘Vv!’ Here is a snapshot…

On Tuesday our theme was Be My Valentine. In centers the kids filled in heart 10 frames with heart erasers, wrote about 3 things that they love, and used a hole punch to punch holes around the outside of a heart. In the afternoon the kids, laced yarn through the hearts from morning centers, did some graphing with candy hearts, and made a vase with heart flowers out of the letter V. We ended the day by doing some yoga poses as a class. I had cards that they drew from a pile in the middle of the circle and then we all did the pose together. We also read a few chapters in our latest Mercy Watson Book. We are on book number 3!

On Wednesday we had our Valentine’s Day Party. I’m so glad the snow held off! First, the kids rotated through 4 stations with games and a craft. They played with scooters and balloons, and they also played a cupid arrow game with straws and q-tips. For the last group, the kids decorated their bags for their Valentine cards. Once all of the kids rotated through the games, we then had our snack and played Valentine BINGO. The kids used their snack to mark their cards. It was a fun morning! In the afternoon we rotated through our regular centers. The kids made necklaces, matched upper and lowercase letters, and used click blocks on Valentine mats. We ended the day by passing out our Valentine’s. The kids were so exhausted and over stimulated, we had a few minutes of quiet time in the classroom before we grabbed our coats. I put piano music on and turned off the lights, but I told them not to fall asleep!  haha.

Thursday our theme was Vegetables, and it was another elearning day. Thanks for logging into our google classroom! My kids had so much fun helping me make the videos. Obviously you saw my daughter in them, but my son was the one recording (was my head cut off in a few? 🙂 It took way longer than it should have, but we had fun doing it. Hopefully your child was able to watch the videos and complete 1 or 2 assignments. I know it’s not the same as being in person! I look forward to being back next week. We have 2 whole days of dinosaurs and 1 day of dental health. Can’t wait!

Take Care,