I am ready for some warmer weather and all this SNOW can just go away! I am glad that we were able to get back to school on Wednesday and hope everyone was warm and safe on Tuesday!

I tried getting things in with things we missed on Tuesday and work it into both Wednesday and Thursdays schedule. Our letter for the week was Hh and we had continued working on 15 and 16.

Our centers for the week were focused around hearts, healthy habits/food, and our phone numbers and addresses. Some of the things we did included: sorting candy conversation hearts by color and then graphing them (each student had their own small box to graph, so everyone had different answers!), found and colored 16 in the number scramble, colored healthy foods by number, practiced tracing our numbers 0-9, counted items up to 15, practiced phone numbers on paper plates taped to the back of the door (something you can easily do at home!), used bingo dabbers and dabbed out our phone numbers on small cell phones, and we wrote letters to incoming ABC students for the new school year. Even though we only had school for 2 days this week, we were busy and got lots done!

I sent home today a copy of the student’s phone numbers and addresses that we worked on at school. Please work on them at home as well, post it somewhere visible that it can be practiced daily. If the phone number or address were incorrect or has changed, please let me know. I used what information was written on their registration paperwork.

I only got to read 4 books this week, but they were good ones: Clark the Shark Takes Heart, Huggapotamus, Hug Machine, and Wally Does Not Want a Haircut. We also recited numerous times the nursery rhyme Three Blind Mice.

Next week we will be diving into the letter Dd and have some great things planned for Dinosaurs and Dental health! Have a great weekend!

If you have any questions, please email me at MrsAimeeABC@gmail.com 🙂