This week we focused on the letter Dd. We talked about the sound the Dd makes and words that begin with the letter Dd. The words we came up with were dinosaur, dad, donut, dental, daisy, and duck.

On Tuesday, we focused on activities around dinosaurs. For start-up, we did a find the letter Dd page. We read the book Three Little Dinosaurs. For centers, we matched tanagram pieces to dinosaur pictures, did a cut and paste dinosaur puzzle picture, wrote Dd in different sizes, and rolled “eggs” out of playdoh and put them on dinosaur nest ten frames. For afternoon centers, we traced/wrote Dd, colored with dinosaur themed rubbing plates and traced our addresses and phone numbers. Also, in the afternoon, we did a dinosaur count the room with Mrs. Leslie’s class. We also put our dinosaur eggs in water to let them hatch. We will see what they look like on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, we continued to focus on dinosaurs. For start-up, we colored a dinosaur. We read the book Rappy the Raptor. For centers, we measured dinosaur pictures with unifix cubes, did our the Dd says /d/ paste and cut page, did a dinosaur creative writing, and made dinosaur skeletons with molds and kinetic sand. For specials, we matched numbers and dots with a dinosaur themed activity. We also measured our dinosaurs that hatched and drew a picture of what they looked like. We then got to take them home.

On Thursday, we focused on our dental theme. For start-up, we practiced tracing our first and last names with our addresses and phone numbers. We read the book Trouble at the Dinosaur Cafe. For centers, we rolled dice and covered up that number tooth with a marker, did a cut and paste of things that are bad and good for our teeth, rolled a letter dice and wrote that number on a tooth, and matched rhyming words with a dental theme. After lunch, we watched a dental video on how to take care of our teeth. For art, we glued together different shapes and made dinosaurs.  In the afternoon, we did another write the room that focused on the different dinosaurs with Mrs. Leslie’s class. 

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Until next week,

Mrs. Brandi