Hi Parents,

We had a great week with the letter ‘Dd!’ Here is a snap shot…

In centers the kids measured dinosaurs with unifix cubes, wrote letters on teeth and then erased with tooth brushes, and made their foot prints look like a dinosaur head. They also, wrote about having their own dinosaur, found little dinosaurs in eggs, (the egg couldn’t be opened until the letter written on the egg was said.), and ‘flossed’ duplo blocks that had ‘food’ (kinetic sand) stuck in them.

We read several books but the favorites were the dinosaur books. The pages folded out on one, to show all the different sizes of the dinosaurs and also had a T-Rex foot print showing its massive size. We looked at that one 2 days in a row.

In art, the kids made dinosaurs with different colored shapes. They turned out really cool and will go up in our hallway.

In science, we added food coloring to oil and then added the oil to water and watched the food coloring fall to the bottom of the jar. It looked like fireworks!

Next week will be a fun week with the letter ‘Uu.’ Looking forward to it!

Take Care,