I can’t believe February is almost over! This month went by quickly! We covered the letters Ll, Vv, Hh and Dd and the numbers 15 and 16 and the heart was our shape. We had lots of fun and fun doing lots of the activities in class this month. We also covered the nursery rhymes Hickory Dickory Dock and Three Blind Mice.

This week we covered the letter Dd and had lots of fun with Dinosaurs and talking about our Dental health.

Some of our centers for the week included: a creative writing page titled If I had a Pet Dinosaur, marking the different item from items given, cutting and folding, picking out items that had 16, and lots of activities that involved following directions!!! The students really enjoyed making their dinosaur spikes and creating the crown on Wednesday and some even roared when they got into their car at pick up! We also made some teeth models using marshmallows today on Thursday and those will be going home on Tuesday. I wanted to make sure the glue set and we didn’t lose any teeth getting packed into our bags!

We also read a book and watched a short video on Thursday that talked about brushing, flossing and getting check ups at the dentist! We talked about brushing, flossing and using mouth wash will help keep our teeth clean!

I read a lot of books this week which I enjoy, they were: How Do Dinosaurs Say I’m Mad?, Dancing Dinos go to School, Danny and the Dinosaur go to Camp, Digger the Dinosaur and the Cake Mistake, Pete the Cat: Cavecat Pete, What If You Had Animal Teeth?, Llama Llama Loses a Tooth, and Clark the Shark Tooth Trouble!

We have still been practicing our first and last names and spelling them aloud. This can be done at home, write out your child’s name and have them point to the letters and say them. Recognizing the letter, saying it aloud and pointing to it will help in learning and mastering the alphabet. We do our names everyday!!!

We also practice our letter and number flashcards daily, usually once in the beginning of class and once at the end. PLEASE practice these at home also and letter sounds!

Next week/month we will begin with the letter Gg, colors green and gray and our shape is the diamond.

If there are any questions, please email me at MrsAimeeABC@gmail.com.  Have a great weekend, see everyone back on the 2nd!