Hi Parents,

We had a great week with the letter ‘Ll!’ Here’s a snapshot…

On Tuesday our theme was Love Bugs. In centers the kids stamped dots on love bugs, did letter sequencing, and made a love bug with their name. The love bugs turned out really cute and are hanging in the hallway. Those will come home soon! In the afternoon the kids did love bug tic tac toe, number sequencing, and love bug coloring. We ended the day by finishing our letter sequencing and playing alphabet soup, which is a beginning letter sound game.

On Wednesday our theme was Lollipops and the Limbo. In centers the kids did an activity with matching lollipops to a cup with numbers on them, they did a lollipop play dough mat, and made a lollipop by coloring, cutting and gluing. In the afternoon, the kids rotated through specials doing sign language, spanish, math, and phonics. We ended the day by cutting the hair of our toilet paper people that I made for last week that we didn’t get a chance to use. Some kids chopped all of the hair off and some kids ‘styled’ the hair. They had so much fun with it!

On Thursday our theme was Love Letters. In centers the kids did adding with dominos, matched upper and lowercase letters, and wrote a love letter. In the afternoon the kids did a heart themed write the room. They had to find a heart with a picture on it and write the letter that the picture started with on their piece of paper. We ended the day with art. The kids painted around a heart shape with cotton balls, so the heart will show through when it’s removed. Unfortunately, Thursday afternoon I had to go pick up one of my sick kids at school, so Mrs. Laura taught the last half of the day for me. I know the day ended well though!

Looking forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day next week! Our party is on Wednesday so if you child is bringing in Valentine’s to pass out, have them at school by then. Also, a reminder to have your child simply write out the ‘from.’ For the ‘to’ it can say ‘to my friend’ or can even be left blank. This makes it much easier to pass them all out. See you next week!

Take Care,