Hello! We made it through another week of winter! I don’t know about you but I’m definitely ready for some warmer temps!!
This week we had fun celebrating Valentines Day and learning the Letter V!

On Monday/Tuesday we read Vegetables in Underwear and as a science experiment we made a volcano. To do this-  in a small cup put about a TBS of baking soda,  in a Dixie size cup mix a couple drops Dawn dish soap, a couple drops red food color, and fill the rest with white vinegar, stir. Pour this over the baking soda and watch the “lava”. All the kids really enjoyed this!
In our centers we colored our V ABC page, put kinetic sand on the letter V, V is for Valentine- made a heart with dot markers, brought in some snow from outside and painted the snow with food coloring, and made a number line with post it’s on the white board.

Wed/Thursday we celebrated Valentines Day together!!
We read Twinkle Twinkle I Love You, and decorated our Valentine Bags with stickers and markers.

In our centers we did a Unicorn ring toss, found little colored hearts in a bowl of rice, made a Valentine sweet treat (marshmallows, pretzels, M&Ms, and Swedish Fish), passed out our Valentines, and played a Cupid’s Arrow game (blowing q tips through a straw at Valentine bowls). Our Valentine parties were a huge success! Thank you to all of you who donated and helped your kiddos sign Valentines! Such a simple thing but the kids love it and they are learning how fun it can be to give!

I had fun celebrating with all my Little Loves!   I hope you all have a warm weekend celebrating all the Loves in your life!!
Mrs. Kristina