Week of February 14th-20th

Welcome to Mrs. Nichole’s Pre-K Classroom Page!

Numbers and Letters:

H, L, V, D

15 and 16

Colors this Week:

Pink and Purple

Shape of the Week:


Mon: Valentine’s Day Party

  • Today we celebrated our Valentine’s Day Party!
  • We played musical hearts!
  • Then we decorated our treat bags!
  • We then had a Valentine’s treat of m&m’s, golden graham’s, and marshmallows.
  • Finally we made name hearts our of beads and passed out Valentine’s!
  • We had a great day!

Tues: Vibrant Veggies

  • Today we cut out the letter V, pasted the letter V to blue paper, and then had fun painting with veggies!
  • Then we had fun make veggie patterns.
  • We then made the letter v out of foam.
  • Finally we cut and paste a veggie graphing page.

Wed: vet Clinic

  • Today we pretended to be a vet!
  • Then we painted our hands red, orange, and yellow for the fire of a Volcano
  • We then cut, colored, paste letter V
  • Finally we sorted Colors of purple and pink.

Thurs: volleyball 🏐

  • Today we are e-learning!
  • We are doing a Volcano experiment, a letter V paper, color by number Volcano page, and play-doh writing.


  • Monster’s wear underwear

  • Veggies wear underpants
  • Letter V Book
  • The biggest Valentine ever!

I can’t wait to celebrate my birthday with you on Monday!


Mrs. Nichole

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