Tuesday was “Be my Valentine” day! We started the morning practicing writing our names and phone numbers. We did circle time with the pledge, calendar, weather, and our new letter for the week V! In morning centers, we had to decide what number comes in between 2 numbers for math. For writing, we practiced writing upper and lower case V. For letters practice, we had to find a letter and then match it and color it the correct color heart. This was fun because they got to recognize letters along with coloring hearts! We also did an activity that involved cutting, gluing, and letter sounds. They cut squares of different pictures and glued them onto a V if it started with V. In afternoon centers, we wrote about our favorite thing about ABC Christian. Some kids love centers, circle time, and story time. Other kids love big room, lunch, and recess. We also played tic tac toe with our friends and finished up our cutting and gluing from the morning. At the end of the day, we did a count the room activity where we got to go in the big room, find all the valentine pictures, and count how many there were on each card. Once they decided on a number, they wrote it on their papers. This was fun to move around and practice counting and writing numbers. Then we went back to the room to do a cutting activity where they cut zig zags. Last, we did story time with a book about making valentines for friends and family. They were excited for their Valentine party they next day!

Wednesday was our Valentine Party! We started the morning writing our upper and lower case V. Then we did our circle time with the pledge, calendar, weather, and practiced our phonics letters with the animals and their sounds. Next we got to go to our Valentine party! They got to play a cupids arrow game with straws and q tips. They had to blow the q tip into a bowl. They had so much fun with this! They also got to decorate their Valentine bags. Next they played with scooters and then with heart balloons and fun music! For snack, they had pretzels and Valentine M&Ms and we played Valentine Bingo. The party was a lot of fun! For centers, we practiced our first and last names and our phone numbers. They got to play with tangrams where they put different shapes together to make hearts. For letters practice, they had to match the uppercase to lowercase letters using a hole punch. They enjoyed using these! Then we did a cutting activity with numbers where they had to put the numbers in the correct order from 1-20. At the end of the day, they each got to pass their Valentines to all of their friends. It was so fun to see the excitement on their faces when they got each personal Valentine from each child. They even got a Valentine from me and I really hope they enjoy their pop it keychains! I know they were so excited when they got them and wanted to play with them immediately. Hope their Valentines Day was Poppin’! We ended the day with story time, reading a book about being someone’s Valentine. Each of these kids are definitely my Valentines this year!

Thursday was veggies day and we had an e learning day. Morning work was practicing teen numbers using ten frames. For circle time, they watched the February song, did the pledge of allegiance, and our good morning song. They also watched and sang along to our months of the year and days of the week songs! There was also a song about our letter of the week, V. For centers, there was an I spy game that was vegetable themed. They also had to find the veggies on boom cards. For numbers practice, they had to pick a teen number and do the color by number page. For letters practice, they had to practice recognizing each letter of the alphabet and say their letter sounds for phonics. There was another letter V song for them to sing along to. Lastly, they colored the letter V. I added some exercise songs this week. 2 of their favorite songs, “God Made All of Me” and the “Gummy Bear Song” I hope they had fun with these! For art, they made a vase with the letter V and added stems and flowers to make it look pretty. There was also a video to show how to paint with veggies. I hope they had fun painting with different vegetables that they had in their homes. I would love to see these if you did them! Lastly, for story time, they listened to a letter V book and a book called “Oliver’s Vegetables” I hope you enjoy the e learning day and have a wonderful weekend!