Week of February 16th-18th

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Numbers and Letters:

15 and 16


Colors this Week:

Pink and Purple

Shape of the Week:



Tues: Snow Day

Today we had a snow day!!

Wed: Healthy Habits

Today was all about learning about healthy habits! We learned about what foods are healthy and which foods are not. Then we talked about good hand washing techniques. Finally we did a cut-paste of which foods are good for our teeth and which foods are bad for our teeth. Then we ended our day by painting teeth sparkly white!

Thurs: Home addresses and phone numbers

Today we started out our day by reading “The Hippo-Not-Apus.” Then we talked about our addresses and phone numbers (some of our friends already knew their addresses and phone numbers!! Yay) Then we cut out our teeth that we painted, practiced writing the letter Hh, and did a cut-paste letter H. Finally we ended our day by doing a following the directions heart book and writing our addresses and phone numbers.


What if you had Animal Teeth!?

How to catch the tooth fairy

The Hippo-Not-Amus


Have Fun!           Ecclesiastes 11:9

Smart Animals   Job 12:10


Everyone had a fantastic week! I can’t wait to see everyone on Tues!

Reminder: Next week we are learning about dinosaurs and dental health!

Homework: Practice our addresses and phone numbers orally with mom and dad.


Mrs. Nichole

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