This week we had fun with the letter D, Dinosaurs, and Dental Health! On Tuesday, we started the morning with circle time, reviewing our letter V from last week and introducing letter D for this week. We also did our morning song, pledge of allegiance, calendar, and weather, like we usually we. Today was a special day because it was Twosday 2-22-22. Thank you to all that wore tie dye, it was fun to see all the vibrant colors in our classroom! In morning centers, we wrote what we love about ABC Christian for future students, matched letters and counted dots in dinosaur eggs. We had to find the letter D and color them and then did dinosaur crayon rubbing, this was so much fun and they turned out so cool! In afternoon centers, we measured dinosaurs with a ruler, made patterns with fruits and vegetables, and played a spin and cover game with the letter D. At the end of the day, we made Twosday hats that they got to color, cut, and take home! We also read stories about the letter D and dinosaurs.

On Wednesday, we continued learning about the letter D with the theme of dinosaurs. Our morning work was to color a dinosaur. In morning centers, we wrote about what our pet dinosaur would be like. They got to name it and decide what it would eat and drink. Then they got to draw and color a picture of that dinosaur. This was fun! We learned to count with ten frames using white playdoh as dino eggs. We fed a dinosaur letters after they matched the upper and lower case letters. They had fun making dinosaurs with kinetic sand and cookie cutters. For phonics, we added letter D to our Zoophonics and they had fun being deers and learning the new sound with our new animal DeeDee Deer. We also made our own volcanoes and learned about them from a book. To end the day, we put dinosaur eggs in water hoping they would hatch the next day. They were so excited to see what was inside the eggs! We read more dinosaurs books as well.

On Thursday, it was Dental Health day. We started the morning coloring vegetables. In morning centers, we wrote letter Dd’s and the numbers 15 and 16, then erased them with a toothbrush. They loved using these instead of erasers for the day! They played a roll and cover teeth with dice and playdoh. We also practicing flossing using playdoh on a big duplo block and used yarn as our “floss.” They had so much fun getting the “teeth” clean! In art class, they got to cut out dinosaur pieces to make a dinosaur and laced yarn hearts after that. These both turned out so cute! At the end of the day, we made dino count books where they had to listen to the directions on each page to see what color they needed to color the dinosaurs. They also practiced counting to see how many dinos were on each page. The dinos did hatch! So they got to look at them and see what color dinosaur hatched from their eggs. We decided to keep them in the water over the weekend to see if they would get bigger so we will see! We ended the day with some dental books and did treasure box Thursday for the students that were on green or blue the whole week. I hope you all have a great weekend and I look forward to March and Dr. Seuss week next week!