Week of February 4-6


Miss Amanda’s Classroom

This week we had so much fun learning about the letter H with hearts, hats and our healthy body.  We also had a lot of rhyming with the word hat and some farm animals. 

If you ever need a fun simple activity at home visit this site https://littlebinsforlittlehands.com/dr-seuss-stem-challenge-cup-tower-stacking-cat-hat/ We had so much fun stacking the “hat” cups.  All you need are some solo cups and construction paper!

Activities we did:

  • Made a conversation heart by cutting out a heart shape and writing a message
  • Sorted hearts by size
  • Alphabet heart letter find
  • Talked about ways to keep our bodies healthy and sorted choices that were healthy and choices that were not healthy
  • Made the letter H out of pattern blocks
  • Wrote the letter H
  • Washed little people figures with soap and sponges
  • Rhymed with the word hat and wrote the rhyming words
  • Number 15 secret number search
  • Stacked hat cups
  • Made the letter H out of foam

Books we read:

  • The Day It Rained Hearts
  • Llama Llama Home With Mama
  • I Love My Hat

Next week:

We will learn about the letter V!

Our class party for Valentine’s Day is Wednesday February 12th 9:30am and 1:15 pm.  Students are allowed to bring in valentines to share with their classmates.  Please only fill out the “from” part to make it easier to hand out.  We have 14 students in our class.

Remember to wear the color pink or red to school on Wednesday February 12th for our party!

Enjoy your weekend!

Mrs. Amanda