Week of February 7th-10th

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Numbers and Letters:

H, L, V, D

15 and 16

Colors this Week:

Pink and Purple

Shape of the Week:


Mon: Last names

  • Today we worked on spelling our last names out loud and writing our last names.
  • Then we counted numbers and placed pegs in the number slots.
  • We then worked on writing amd coloring the letter L
  • Finally we worked on searching for our last names.

Tues: Letters to new students

  • Today we colored pictures and wrote letters to new students that will be coming to abc.
  • We then made heart handprints
  • Then we practiced matching our abc’s.
  • Finally we worked on a math puzzle.

Wed: Lucky Lady Bugs

  • Today we painted our hand hands red and made  red handprints
  • Then we practiced writing uppercase letter L.
  • We then cut out our handprints and and glued them to print paper
  • Finally  we did a ladybug alphabet find.

Thurs: we  ❤️  ABC

  • Today we finish our Ladybug handprints by placing black dots on our ladybugs.
  • We then did a caterpillar math matching game
  • Then we worked on tracing lowercase letter l
  • Finally we color, cut, paste letter l


  • Chick n pug, the love pug

  • Love Monster
  • Love you too
  • Bear in Love
  • I Love you, little monkey
  • There was an old lady who swallowed a rose

Reminder: Valentine’s day party is on Monday!!


Mrs. Nichole

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