Hi Parents,

We had a fun week learning about the letter ‘S.’ This letter has some of my favorite themes, super heroes, snowmen and sports day. Here’s a snap shot…

In centers we made patterns with super heroes, and cut out the heads of snowmen, which were each a different shape, and matched them to the same shape for the body. They are getting so much better at cutting! We also practiced writing the letter S, upper and lower case. We did a sports look and find, snowman ten frames, and wrote what our super powers would be if we were super heroes.

In art they made a fun project where they are flying through the sky as a super hero. They painted the background, then glued buildings at the bottom with windows, and finally, glued themselves at the top flying through the air. They are hanging in the hallway so hopefully you can see them at conferences!

We read lots of books including, ‘Curious George and the Home Run,’ ‘The Berenstain Bears Super Bears,’ and ‘Snow Day.’

Next week we will talk about the letter Ii. Don’t forget we will be eating ice cream sundaes on Thursday. The kids are really excited!

Take Care,