Hi Parents,

We had a great week talking about the letter ‘Ii!’ Here’s a snap shot…

On Tuesday our theme was Igloos and Ice cubes. I was out because my daughter was sick so Mrs. Laura taught for me. In centers the kids used tweezers and put cotton balls and marshmallows into ice cube trays, they practiced writing the letter I, and they painted with Duplo blocks to make an igloo and snowflakes. In the afternoon the kids used toothpicks and marshmallows to make igloos, they did play dough mats with the letter ‘I,’ and cut and glued their igloos that they painted earlier. They ended the day by doing a count the room. The kids had to count snowflakes in a snow globe and write the number on their paper.

On Wednesday, I was back, and our theme was Indoor Ice Skating. In centers the kids cut and glued a snowman in order by size, they decorated an ice skate, and they colored by letter. The kids also worked on their last names. They build their names with letters, said the name and spelled it. They are doing a great job with their last names!! In the afternoon the kids rotated through specials for math, sign language, phonics and spanish. During their big room time was when the kids had the chance to ‘ice skate’ using plates. They of course loved it. We ended the day by finishing up the ice skate that was started in centers. The kids used yarn to lace the skate. They turned out so cute!

On Thursday our theme was Ice Cream. In centers the kids counted scoops onto cones with numbers on them, they sorted ice cream cones by size into different bins, and did an ice cream I spy. They also colored and cut an ice cream cone and assembled it. They used pom poms on the scoops for the sprinkles. Those will come home next week! In the afternoon the kids ate ice cream, which of course they loved, and then we read the book ‘Should I Share My Ice Cream.’ We used pom poms as scoops of ice cream and passed them around the circle on spoons ‘sharing’ with our friends. It was a fun little game and the kids loved trying to pass the pom pom without it hitting the floor. We ended the day with art. The kids colored and glued cotton balls on to an eskimo, which will be glued on their igloos from earlier in the week. These turned out so great and will be on their boards at graduation!

Thank you everyone for making conferences a success. I appreciated meeting and talking with all of you, thank you for making the time to come in or talk on the phone. I’m really enjoying this years class, they are a great crew!

I look forward to talking about the letter X next week!

Take Care,