Hi Parents,

We had a wild week with the letter ‘X!’ (I could definitely tell there was a full moon) Here’s a snap shot…

In centers we followed shapes to a treasure chest, used play dough to make words that have X at end of the word, and made an x-ray hand using Q-tips. We also, made our own treasure map by cutting out different landmarks to glue on the map along with the treasure, we matched animal x-rays and used a magnifying glass to look at the bones and also at what the animal ate, and finally, we ‘ice fished’ for letters!

In art we finger painted a winter tree with snow!

We read several books including one that had real X-ray images in it. The kids loved it! We also read ‘Bears On Wheels,’ and our Dr. Seuss ABC book.

Next week is a new month already and we are starting off with the letter ‘Ll.’ See you Tuesday!

Take Care,