This week we covered the letter Hh and started our new shape for the month-heart and also our new numbers for the month 15 and 16. We had some fun themes for the week and even though Wednesday and Thursday turned into snow days we still got things accomplished! We will catch up anything we missed that was needed to be done in class.

Monday- Home Address and Phone Numbers: We practiced saying our phone numbers aloud and tapping the numbers out with paper plates taped onto the back of the door (kids favorite center!), we practiced writing out our phone numbers and addresses in our quick kits, we found our phone numbers on clothespins and created our phone numbers by clipping them onto our cards, and lastly we did an upper and lowercase letter match with clothespins on our A-Z a-z color wheels. We started the day with a double-sided Hh practice page to introduce the new letter.  The book I read was Ballet Cat and the Secret Secret.

Tuesday- Candy Hearts: Today the kids enjoyed sorting a handful of candy conversation hearts by color and then counting the colors and lastly graphing their results. We also traced a variety of sizes of hearts with black crayon and then colored them in with our colors for the month: pink and purple.  We completed heart patterns that I had given and then the students had two rows where they got to make and complete their own. Lastly, students were given a laminated sheet to fill in the missing uppercase letters in the hearts. Some letters were given and students needed to find the missing letters. We also talked about Groundhog’s Day tomorrow and made our predictions of what would happen.

Wednesday- Google Classroom activities to complete at home, Groundhog’s Day, Happy Birthday Jade!

Thursday- Google Classroom activities to complete at home, Go out and enjoy some snow the next few days!

I hope the students enjoy doing the google classroom activities at home and parents get to see a little bit of your child in action! Please send in any pictures you have of them working

I have had parents already respond about donating for our Valentine’s Day party which is greatly appreciated! THANK YOU!!!

Next week we will cover the letter Ll and have some fun activities planned! Stay warm and safe travels when driving! See you all on Monday!