Hi Parents,

We had a great first week back at school! We talked about the letter ‘Ww.’ Here’s a snap shot…

On Tuesday our theme was Welcome Back. In morning centers the kids played a card game with shapes and numbers, colored a bear hibernating and made their name with letter stickers, and did watercolors on the letter W. Your kids love to paint! In the afternoon they made letters with snap cubes and on GEO boards (peg boards with rubber bands) and finished their winter bear. We ended the day by playing a game of charades and talking about our winter breaks.

On Wednesday our theme was Winter Wonderland (animals/hibernation). In morning centers the kids counted marshmallows onto a picture of a hot chocolate mug with a number on it, they practiced writing the letter W and completed a W connect the dots page, and found winter animals in a rice bin. In the afternoon they worked on their monthly coloring/writing page while I started evaluating them on their letters and numbers. Conferences are coming up! We ended the day by doing a directed drawing of a penguin. They turned out great!

On Thursday our theme was Watermelons, which was a fun one. In centers the kids drew a number card and counted that many ‘seeds’ (beads) onto a watermelon picture, they cut a W and glued it onto a watermelon, and outlined watermelon themed shapes with beads. In afternoon centers the kids completed puzzles, put pom poms on winter themed mats, and put together upper and lowercase letter beginning sound puzzles. This was tricky for them, we are going to be working a lot more on those beginning sounds! We ended our day with art and made snowflakes. Those were a labor of love. We did a practice round first and then did a ‘clean’ one. They all succeeded in making one but it wasn’t easy, I’m SO proud of them!!!

See you all next week,