Welcome Back!! This week went very smooth considering we were out for 2 weeks! The kids did a great job coming back and shifting into a classroom routine.
We started the week simple- learning about the Letter I. We read Curious George builds an Igloo, and we pretended to ice skate on the carpet; we used sliders that strap to the foot, but cheap paper plates work great too, if you want to try at home.

In our centers we Colored the I abc page, put play doh on an I mat, sorted counters by color, practiced cutting, and traced the letter I.

Wed and Thur we worked on the letter W. We read Wet Dog and practiced our ABCs.

In our centers we colored the W abc page, used W stamps, practiced name writing, used water color paints to bring out our name written in white crayon, played in a water sensory table.

As much as I love a restful break I was glad to get back to school and in a routine again! I hope you all have a great weekend and we’ll see you next week!

Mrs. Kristina