This week was all about the letter S. We had a super hero day, a snowman day and a sports day.

On superhero day we did a creative writing page where the kids got to tell me what super power they would have if they were a superhero! We matched superhero uppercase and lowercase letters, colored and hung up pendants the kids got to design.
For snowman day the highlight was our snowscape snow window. The kids loved that the window was “ sticky” and they could build their own snowmen and snowflakes on it. We also, counted snowman buttons and made snowmen with our names on them.
Sports day was fun too! The kids got to match upper and lowercase ping pong balls and then toss them into a bucket. We had a hula hoop contest and played ice cube hockey! They got to do some addition while rolling two dice and adding them together. Then they found the baseball mitt with that number on it.

I have also been squeezing in our mid year evaluations. This class as a whole are making great progress and I am so pleased. I can’t wait to share their progress with you at parent teacher conferences next week.

As always, if you ever have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me! or cell 219776-1664