YAY! We were back in person this week! I hope it stays that way the rest of the year, but we can’t control the shenanigans happening in the world around us! If we would ever need to go back to a virtual class, we would use the same Google Classroom that we did last week, just a heads up.

Monday- Words with x was our theme for today. We practiced writing Xx in quick kits along with words that have an Xx in them, rainbow wrote upper and lowercase Xx’s, and completed a number 13 activity page that had different things for them to do involving the number 13, which is one of our monthly numbers for January. We also made our letter S snake from the first week of the month (got postponed due to being closed). During start up we completed a dot to dot that was using the alphabet to construct a giant X. The books I read were Fox vs. Winter and Fox and His Friends.

Tuesday- X-Rays was the theme for today. Starting the day we practiced writing our first and last names in our quick kits. I read the book What Does the X-Ray Say? which was written by a 2nd grade class. Our centers included tracing stars in quick kits, letter mitten match and starting our January writing/coloring sample. The students created their own hand x-rays, by tracing their hand with white crayon on black paper and then gluing down q-tips to represent their bones. Lastly, we made our letter W weasel that was from last week.

Wednesday- Xylophones! We started up our day completing more practice writing Xx’s and coloring a xylophone. A few other items we completed were a mitten math page (finding the missing number), X is for Xylophone page that had a few different items for the students to complete, and practicing more Xx’s in our quick kits. We also finished up our January writing/coloring sample from yesterday. Our letter X for the week we made a fox for the letter X. The book I read today was called The Watermelon Seed.

Thursday- X marks the spot was our theme for today. The students started the day looking at books and trying our some puzzles. During their beginning big room time the students got to use binoculars (TP rolls painted black and glued together) and locate all the X’s that were marked out around the big room (our assistants are great!). We completed a following directions activity with shapes to get to the X and also located and colored all the X’s in a letter search. Once we colored them all we counted how many we found. The two books I read today were Pete the Cat and the Treasure Map and There Was An Old Pirate Who Swallowed A Map.

PLEASE be sure to dress your child for the colder weather since temps have been dropping lately! COATS COATS COATS! We have had a few in school not have coats and when we do dismissal students are lined up at the door and it gets chilly standing there before they even get outside! So PLEASE coats!!!

The February calendar will be coming home soon and our Valentine Party information as well.

If you have any questions or concerns, please send me an email. I do my best to get back to you that day or as soon as I can. MrsAimeeABC@gmail.com

Have a great weekend and I will see everyone back on Monday for our Letter Ii week!