Hello! I hope you all are staying warm! We had a pretty quiet week in school. These days that’s a good thing!

Mon/Tuesday we focused on the Letter I. We read The Itchy Bear and even got to eat Ice Cream! Everything is better with Ice Cream and the kids definitely agreed!

In our centers we practiced cutting, Ice Cream math- filled cones with Pom Poms according to numbers 1-5, put sprinkles(beads) on an ice cream cone using tweezers, puzzles, tried to build igloos with ice cubes.

Wed/Thursday we focused on the Star shape. We read How to Catch a Star and practiced writing our name.

In our centers we practiced drawing shapes, made stars with popsicle sticks, colored our Nursery Rhyme- Star Light, Start Bright, made our own Star based on our book, used uno cards with clothespins to count.

Just a few reminders as we start up the second half of the year, Check folders daily, a lot of times in class when the kids are working they say “My Mom/Dad will love this” they are really proud of the work they are doing and want you to see it! Remember your car sign! Nobody likes to wait in a long pick up line, having that sign makes the line go smoother and quicker!
Thank you for all the work and practice you do at home!! This is the time of year that we call “The Sweet Spot” because the kids improve and learn the most! I’m excited to see how far the kids can get when we’re all working with them! Thank you!

Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you next week!

Mrs. Kristina