Week of January 19th-21st

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Numbers and Letters:

13 and 14

I, S, W, and X

Colors this Week:

Black and White

Shape of the Week:



Tues: Winter Animals

Today we started our day by reading the book “Polar opposites.” Then we talked about all the different polar animals. The kids loved talking about polar bears! We then acted like polar bears! We then working on color-cut-paste animals that migrate and animals that fly way. Finally we practiced writing capital letter W, cutting stars out, and making our own pictures out of manipulates.

Wed: Winter Wonderland

Today was all about a Winter Wonderland! First we read the stories ” Arctic Five” and ” Winter.” Then we decorated mittens and wrote the letters of our names in each mitten! Then we worked on a creative writing. It was interesting to hear what everyone thought could fit in their mitten! My favorite a was a pizza fitting in their mitten! Finally we sorted objects by color, shape and size!

Thurs: Wacky hair/clothes Day

Today we started out our day looking at everyone’s wacky hair and clothes! Everyone looked so awesome today! Then we read the story Tyrannosaurs WRECKS!” The kids thought this was hilarious! Then we worked on fine motor and counting skills by counting cubes with pinches. We then worked on a letter W color-cut-paste. Finally we had fun in big room with our friends and ended our day working on writing our names in the lines.


Arctic Five Arrives


Zoomer’s Summer Snowstorm

Tyrannosaurs WRECKS!

Waddle! Waddle!

Polar Opposites


Share the good news!     Isaiah 52:7

Hungry Tummies            Psalm 107:9

Important People            Romans 8:17


Everyone had a fantastic week! I can’t wait to see everyone on Tues!

Reminder: None 

Homework: Practice writing letter Ww.


Mrs. Nichole

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