Week of January 3rd-6th

Week of January 6th-9th

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Numbers and Letters:

S,I, X,W

13 and 14

Colors this Week:

Black and White

Shape of the Week:


Welcome back Class! I hope you had a wonderful Holiday break and I’m so glad to see everyone!

Mon: S is for Snowmen

  •  Today we traced our hands and colored a picture of ourselves.
  • Then we took our height and weights today.
  • We then did Snowmen patterns by cutting, pasting, and putting them in order.
  • Finally we ended our day by learning our new sign language letters of the month.

Tues: Fun with Stars and Space

  • Today we had a fun day learning about Stars and Space! We started our day reading “How to Catch a Star.” ( the kids love this book!)
  • Then we played a star matching game that they have to match the capital Stars to the lowercase Stars.
  • We then worked on our colors, shapes, number recognition 0-20, and upper/lowercase letters.
  • Finally we ended our day by learning our new poems for the month of January and doing our monthly coloring sheet.

Wed: My 5 Senses

  • Today we had so much fun learning about our five senses! (sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch.)
  • We played a five sense bingo. We spun the spinner and the kids have to figure out what sense from a picture.
  • Then we had a fun sensory box with things that the kids can feel, hear, smell, and touch.
  • Finally we ended our day with a hearing musical activity!


  • No School Today for 1/2 Pre-K


  • Winter Wish
  • One Winter’s Day
  • How to Catch a Star
  • Me and My Place in Space
  • My Five Senses

Reminder: See you guys virtually on the computer next week!


Mrs. Nichole

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