Week of January 6th-8th

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Numbers and Letters:

13 and 14

I, S, W, and X

Colors this Week:

Black and White

Shape of the Week:



Tues: X-Marks the Spot 

Today we started our day by reading the book “ X-Marks the spot.” Then using binoculars we searched for X’s! The kids had a blast looking for them! Then we worked on colors and shapes to see what we know. After that we moved on to cutting. We practiced cutting a circle, zig zags, and snipping. Then we finished our day by coloring our monthly sea turtle page.

Wed: X is for X-Ray!

Today we were learning about X-rays! We learned about how many bones are in hand and wrist! The kids were shocked. Then we painted our hand like the bones in our hands on black paper to look like X-rays! They turned out really cool. After all that fun we practiced writing our names with a sample and without a sample. Then we practice drawing our shapes, tracing our hands, and drawing a picture of ourselves. Finally we ended our day by finishing our monthly writing samples.

Thurs: Words that end in X

Today we started out our day by talking about words that end in X, such as fox. Then we worked on what numbers we know and letter recognition. After that we cut-color-and paste letter X, searched for letter X, and practiced tracing capital and lowercase X. Finally we ended our day in big room building with stackers and blocks.


Let it Snow

Jessica’s X-Ray

Hibernation Station

Shh! Bears Sleeping

Bear Alert

X Marks the Spot!


Animals big and small        Psalm 50:10

Think and learn                   Romans 11:33

Angels Everywhere             Psalm 91:11


Everyone had a fantastic week! I can’t wait to see everyone on Tues!

Reminder: We are eating ice cream on Wed!

Homework: Practice cutting, and name writing.


Mrs. Nichole

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