Welcome to Mrs. Kelli’s Preschool Classroom!


This week, we focused on the letter Ii & the star shape


Books we read:

The Itchy Bear

How to Catch A Star




We did “Ice cream math”-matching ice cream scoops to corresponding numbers

We put sprinkles on ice cream cones for fine motor practice

We evaluated numbers

We had ice in our sensory bin-we had fun playing with ice, building igloos and other fun creations

We practiced cutting

We practiced drawing shapes

We use craft sticks to create stars

We colored our “Star Light, Star Bright” nursery rhyme page

We put star stickers on stars to go along with our “How to Catch A Star” book

We used Uno cards to clip corresponding clothespins to match the numbers

We strung beads

We practiced writing our names

We used quick kits to color stars and count them


We had a delicious ice cream treat to celebrate the letter Ii.  The kids loved it!

We also continued with our evaluations this week.


Until Next Week, 

Mrs. Kelli