This week we focused on the letter Ee. We talked about the sound the letter Ee makes and came up with words that begin with the letter Ee. The words we came up with were egg, elephant, emotion, emojis and eagle.

On Tuesday, we focused on activities around elephants. For start-up, we colored an elephant coloring page. We read the books Elephants Cannot Dance and Do Your Ears Hang Low? For centers, we rolled a die and added one and took away one from the number we rolled, did our Ee says /e/ cut and paste page, fed the elephant ABC upper- and lower- case matching, and put magnets on an E is for elephant dot page. For afternoon centers, we traced/wrote the letter Ee, spin and cover the letter Ee activity, colored an elephant color by number, and did a letter Ee review page. We also colored our grandparent’s day frames.

On Wednesday, we focused on activities around emotions and emojis. For start-up, we traced/wrote the numbers 11-20. We read the book The Enormous Elephant Show. For centers, we placed emojis on emoji ten frames, did an I-spy emoji game, played an emoji memory game, and traced and colored a My Feelings Book. In the afternoon, we had specials. We also cut and put back together a Humpty Dumpty puzzle page and fixed him up with band-aids. 

On Thursday, we focused on activities around Humpty Dumpty (egg). For start-up, we did a find the letter Ee page. We read the books Elmer and Elmer and the Whales. For art, we painted our handprints to make an elephant out of them. For afternoon centers, we made our ABCs on geoboards, did a Humpty Dumpty sequencing page, colored a Humpty Dumpty dot to dot page, and played a rhyming word matching game. We also did an egg drop experiment where we put an egg in a baggie with items and dropped them to see if they would break or not. We got to predict ahead of the experiment if the egg would break or not. We had a ton of fun doing the experiment!!!!!

If you ever have and questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Until next week, 

Mrs. Brandi