Hi Parents,

We had a great week talking about the letter ‘Gg!’ Here is a snapshot…

On Tuesday our theme was Gardening and Growing. In centers the kids counted beads on to pipe cleaner stems of flowers that had numbers on them, they matched upper and lowercase letters with clothes pin flowers, and they cut, colored, and glued flowers together and wrote their names in the middle. Those are hanging in our hallway! In the afternoon the kids cut and glued a vase and drew flowers on a bright piece of paper, they put together LEGOS, and they did some spring themed graphing. We ended the day by talking about the life cycle of a seed. We watched a short video explaining the process and then we put pictures in order on the board outlining the life cycle of a sunflower. We also read one of my favorite books called, ‘And Then It’s Spring.’

On Wednesday our theme was Gumball Graphing. In centers the kids worked on gumball number mats where they had to count out ‘gumballs,’ fill in a 10 frame, and write the number. They also practiced writing the letter Gg, and worked on beginning letter sounds by placing the beginning letter on a picture i.e., placing an A on the picture of an apple, etc. In the afternoon the kids rotated through specials learning sign language, math, phonics and spanish. We finished the day by putting our dinosaur eggs in water to hatch our dinosaurs from dinosaur week! Those were the 2 days I was out sick last month, so we never had the chance to ‘hatch’ the dinosaurs. We finally put them in water. Those came home on Thursday; the kids were so excited!

On Thursday our theme was St. Patrick’s Day! We were a sea of green that day and it was beautiful outside, so we spent a lot of time out there. In morning centers, the kids did a St. Patrick’s Day look and find, they made block towers on rainbows with numbers on them, and they placed pom poms, using tweezers, on mats that had St. Patrick’s Day themed pictures on them. We spent the afternoon outside! The kids got their dinosaurs out of the water and threw out the shells, they planted grass seed in cups (we hope to cut the grass when we get back from spring break!) and we did a St. Patrick’s Day color scavenger hunt! It was a really fun afternoon in the fresh air. We ended the day by finishing an art project from last week and playing!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful spring break! See you in a week, I’ll be ready to talk about the letter ‘Ee!’

Take Care,