Hi Parents,

We had a fun week with the letter Uu! Here’s a snap shot…

In centers the kids did under water adding, they tossed bean bags into umbrellas and then wrote the letter that was on the bean bag, and they painted with balloons. They also, painted under the table, filled in unicorn 10 frames, and used shells and kinetic sand to make numbers.

As an afternoon activity the kids voted on their favorite under water creature. Their choices were a star fish, a sea turtle, a dolphin or a jellyfish. We counted the votes and made tally marks to see which was the favorite. The dolphin won!

In art the kids made an underwater scene and flashlight to ‘shine’ so you can see the scene. They thought it was so cool! It came home so I hope they showed it to you!!

We loved watching the movie Up on Thursday afternoon. It was a great way to end the week.

Next week is Dr. Seuss week. Can’t wait!

Take Care,