Week of March 23-27

Mrs. Amanda’s Class

Hi everyone!  I hope everyone is staying healthy and busy during this time we are all at home.  I have been busy trying to keep my 3 girls entertained and getting them ready to start elearning next week.  I also have been very busy making hospital grade masks that will be donated to all the area hospitals.  I have a lot of friends that are dear to my heart that work in hospitals.   I want to keep them safe so they do not pass anything on to their families.  I miss each and everyone of your children.  I can not wait to see their smiling faces again and to start teaching them again.  Until then we will have to deal with the internet and emails.

I will be updating activities on here once a week to keep your children learning at home.  This past month we had started something new called “Zoo Phonics.”  This is a learning strategy that uses a hand motion of an animal that starts with each letter.  I am going to try to video me doing a couple of these at home and send them in a email.  So be watching out for an email from me soon.  You might want to ask your child some of the names that I list below, they might surprise you and remember some of them.  I also listing some sight words for children that have already mastered most of the upper/lower case letters with their sounds.

Letters To Review

Ee Ellie elephant

Gg Gordo Gorilla

Uu Umber Umbrella Bird

Hh Honey Horse

Vv Vincent Vampire Bat

Ll Lizzy Lizard

Dd Deedee Dear

Site Words






Some ideas to practice both letters and site words

  • put salt/shaving cream on a cookie and have them write the letter or word and say them as they are writing it
  • Make the letter out of play doh
  • Make flash cards for each letter and word
  • Have your child spy the site words while looking at a book


We had started to do a little adding and use the words “one more” and “one less” at the beginning of the month.  To continue to do this you can gather things that are easy to group.  Good things to use are legos, beads, goldfish, and jellybeans.

Have your child start with a pile and count what is in front of them.  Then have them add one more or one less and have them count their pile again. 


Here are some fun activities that you can do with plastic easter eggs



If you have any questions please fill free to email me.  Please give each of your children hugs from me and let them know that I miss them very much and can not wait to see them soon! 

Mrs. Amanda