Tim;e has flown by and March is over already!!! We have one full month left and then review the month of May!

This week our letter focus was on Ee, we continued reviewing the diamond shape, numbers 17 and 18 and the letters we covered earlier in the month Uu and Gg.

Monday: Ears & Eyes – We started our day off with practicing our phone numbers and addresses. Students were given their extra treasures for memorizing their phone numbers and addresses without looking! We had a large number that could recite both from memory, which is FABULOUS! The centers we had included a 17 writing/activity page, tracing e’s with different colors, building with our small connectors and completing a prompt titled What If I Had Animal Ears? and the students drew a picture of themselves with that animals’ ears that they chose as well as saying why they picked that animals’ ears. The books we had today were an Ears and Eyes Animal Flip book, which the kids thought some of the new animal names were funny, and Flat Stanley Show-and-Tell.

Tuesday: Excellent Eggs – The day started off coloring an egg page. Some colored them like Easter eggs and some thought it was just ovals! The book I read today was What Is In The Egg? which talked about different kinds of eggs from animals and how there are lots of different sizes, colors, textures and shapes. Our centers included completing an ABC order egg mat, practiced writing our Ee’s in QKs, made our own patterns and created an Easter egg and lastly started one step in our eggs in a basket craft. I have lots of crafts that involve lots of following directions and listening. Some we do better than others!

Wednesday: Extraordinary Elephants – The day started with the kids completing a trace, count, color e is for elephant page. The first book I read, Elmer, went along with two of our centers. Elmer is an elephant that is special in that he is a patchwork elephant and not the typical gray color. One center included students coloring their own Elmers and the other was a writing prompt center asking why they are special and to draw a picture of that also. We also had an 18 writing/activity page and an elephant number order center. The other book I read at the end of the day after they heard Elmer was titled Elmer and the Whales. We talked about how everyone is special and unique and to be proud of who you are.

Thursday: Explaining Easter – Today might have been the kids favorite start of the day. I had coloring books laid out and let the students pick and choose which book they wanted to color a picture from. They have seen the books in class and been asking when they get to use them. After today they asked if they could start every day that way! We read a book that was The Berenstain Bears Easter Story. We discussed the true meaning of Easter and that it is not about jellybeans and chocolate bunnies and peeps, but has a much more important meaning. Ask your child if they can retell the meaning of Easter. I tried to repeat it a few times especially with the mini craft we did also. The students colored, glued and wrote Christ, He Is Risen on the cross. Students handwriting has improved tremendously since the beginning of the year. The next 2 months I will have more things that they will be writing and not me!


Next week we will cover the letter Bb and Monday is Baseball day, so come wearing your favorite baseball team if you got any!

Also we will be taking graduation pictures on Wednesday! You will only see the collar and hair of your child. This is waist up an a gown and cap will be provided for them to wear. Parents of GIRLS, try for no high ponytails today, as it is sometimes awkward with the cap on their heads and a high pony!

THURSDAY is 100th day and I sent a note home this week regarding 100th day! If you have any questions, please let me know! Also our Easter party is approaching and I will be reaching out to some for donations as well as parent volunteers!

Have a great weekend and please email me if you have any questions! MrsAimeeABC@gmail.com