Week of March 28th- 31st

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Numbers and Letters:

G, E, U

17 and 18

Colors this Week:

Green and Gray

Shape of the Week:


Mon: Eyes and Ears

  • Today we rolled dice and placed googly eyes in the letter E
  • Then we practiced writing capital letter E
  • We then worked on number and letter recognition.
  • Finally we practiced our addresses! We are doing so good!!
Tues: Eggs
  • Today we talked about our Flat Stanley’s and their adventures.
  • Then we practiced writing lowercase letter e.
  • We then did a color, cut, paste letter E
  • Finally we did a search and find for ABC Eggs, and did a math game using egg cartons.

Wed: Elephants

  • Today we painted paper plates blue for our Elephant craft.
  • Then we did an elephant coloring page
  • We then did a ABC puzzle
  • Finally we did a search and find letter E.

Thurs: Explaining Easter

  • Today we finished our elephant paper plate craft.
  • Then we made a cross using chalk
  • We then did a Easter story sequence paper.
  • Finally we had fun in big room with friends.


  • Max explains Everything Soccer Expert
  • Giraffes Can’t Dance
  • The Grinny Granny Donkey
  • Elephants cannot dance
  • Flat Stanley and the Firehouse
  • I can read with my eyes shut
  • Do your ears hang low?

I missed everyone and I’m so glad to be back!


Mrs. Nichole

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