Welcome to Mrs. Kelli’s Preschool Classroom!


This week, we focused on the letters Uu & Ee


Books we read:

Unicorn Day

Clumsy Crab

Do Your Ears Hang Low?



We did an under water felt board

We sat under the table and played “Let’s Go Fishin”

We did a fish fanta board under the table also, to go with our “Under the Sea” theme-matching colors and making the fish picture

We sat under an umbrella & colored an umbrella for our Uu ABC page

We did a letter Uu find on quick kits

We colored an elephant for our Ee ABC page

We put googly eyes on the letter Ee

We used our writing boards to make letter Ee

We matched Easter eggs by color

We used tweezers for our fine motor to find letter E’s  in a bowl filled with rice




We made puffer fish for our “Under the Sea” theme, using paint, and gluing on eyes & fins

We did our monthly name writing & coloring sample


Until Next Week,


Mrs. Kelli