We started off our E week with an Elephant coloring page. Tuesday was an elephant themed day. After circle time, we practiced writing our E’s in centers. We also played a spin and cover game with the letter E and a dice game where the kids had to decide one more and one less than that number. They played with links and linked them to elephants with numbers on them. They had a lot of fun with this! For afternoon centers, they got to play with playdoh and count how many polka dots go onto the eggs. They matched upper and lower case letters on peanuts and fed them to an elephant. For math, they made ten frames with emojis and for cutting practice, they cut out words that began with the letter E and glued them onto their papers. At the end of the day, we did a color by number elephant page and went through some emotion cards. For story time, we read a couple elephant books.

Wednesday was emotions and emojis day. For morning work, they had to find all the upper and lower case E’s. During circle time, we finished talking about emotions with emoji cards. In centers, they did an ISPY emotions game and a color by letter paper. For math, they made their own egg patterns and for writing practice, they continued to practice the letter E and played a game with emojis. For phonics, we learned about Ellie the Elephant and what sound the letter E makes along with all the other letters of the alphabet. They really enjoy the Zoophonics video! At the end of the day, we made a feelings book and talked about the emotions. Before going home for the day, they got to give their grass a haircut and take them home! They were so excited for this since they planted the seeds before Spring Break and they grew quite a bit during that week off.

Thursday was Humpty Dumpty Day! In the morning, we finished coloring our emotion books and sang to Hudson for his birthday celebration. We read the Humpty Dumpty poem during circle time. For centers, the kids did a letter E review page where they wrote the letter and had to find words that start with that letter. They played an egg dice game and a dot to dot with numbers. They also had to find missing numbers and put them into the boxes. For cutting practice, they cut out the different scenes of Humpty Dumpty and put them in order from first to last. For art, they put Humpty Dumpty together again and used Band-Aids to close up the cracks. Then they got to put a face on and decorate their eggs. They also got to color their own eggs and make patterns on them. At the end of the day we did a fun science experiment with real eggs! We put them in bags of different materials like cotton balls, foil, paper clips, rocks, and shaving cream. The kids had to make predictions and then we dropped the bags to see if they broke or not. This was so exciting! We ended the day with story time and Hudson got to pass out his birthday treats.