Week of March 2nd-4th

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Numbers and Letters:

17 and 18

E, G, U

Colors this Week:

Gray and Green

Shape of the Week:



Tues: G is for Gorilla

Today we started our by reading the book “Still a Gorilla.” Then we searched to see how many letter g’s we could find. We then worked on our beginning of the month projects. We did our monthly sea turtle coloring page, our monthly name writing and this month we colored a picture of our grandparents. We then moved on to forming the letter g with manipulates and worked on our letter sounds.

Wed: Gumball

Today we made gumball machines! We started by reading “What do they do with all that poo?” The kids thought this book was hilarious! They wanted me to read it again! Then we worked on constructing our gumball machines! We cut out the letter G, then glued red construction paper in the shape of the gumball machine on. We then wrote “G is for Gumball” on the bottom of the gumball machine. Finally, we used dot paint to stamp on our gumballs! They turned out so adorable!

Thurs: Giraffe

Today we started out our day by reading “Giraffes Can’t Dance.” This is such a fun book! Then we did a color-cut-paste letter L, wrote in the missing letters of our ABCs, practiced writing our last names with help, and made our own giraffe faces! We also gave our giraffes their own special name! Finally we ended our day by dancing like giraffes!


Giraffes Can’t Dance

What Do They Do With All That Poo?

My “g” Book

Still A Gorilla


It takes Time            Ecclesiastes 3:11

Extra Help                Philippians  2:13

Tell Your Friends     Psalm 66:16


Everyone had a fantastic week! I can’t wait to see everyone on Tues! 

Reminder: We will be having fun with Green Eggs and Ham!

Homework: Practice writing and spelling our last names!


Mrs. Nichole

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