We ended out the month of March and began the month of April with some April Fool’s craziness at school!

This week we studied the letter Ee and had lots of activities in centers and stories that dealt with the Ee and related to our daily topics.

Tuesday our topic was elephants and we had different activities and stories with the letter Ee and elephants. Our centers included coloring the items that begin with the letter Ee, putting the numbers in order on the head and backside of the elephant, designing our own Elmer (it went along with the book that was read in the morning) and had a writing prompt titled I am special because that also went along with our book Elmer. The books I read on Tuesday were Elmer and Elmer and the Whales. All the kids Elmers looked great and I may save it to keep in their end of the year binders!

Wednesday our topic was ears and eyes. The centers we had today included a sheet that the students had to pick What If I Had Animal Ears? and draw themselves with that animals ears, created googly eye monsters by rolling the dice and placing that many googly eyes on the monster (the goal was to fill the 2 ten frames which makes 20), we colored in our grandparents day frames and also got our pictures taken, and put mini eggs in ABC order in groups of 6/7. The books we read Wednesday were Do Your Ears Hang Low? ( I also sang a few different verses for them), The Good Egg, and also brought in an Eye and Ear animal flip book! We also did a Peep craft which will be going home on Tuesday! It turned out cute and the kids really wanted to eat the peeps, but we were just crafting with them!

Thursday, April Fools!!! WE SWITCHED TEACHERS! All the teachers switched classrooms today! Mrs. Missy was in my room and said all the kids were great and had a fun time! Unfortunately, a few shed tears that I wasn’t there. That made my day and made me feel loved by these little minds! We did not want to see that, it was just for Thursday and I will be sure to give hugs to those who missed me on Tuesday! We still had centers and books! The centers we had were Counting the Chicks and cut and pasting the correct number, counting cupcake puzzles, rainbow letter wheels-which is matching the upper and lowercase letters, and lastly a sheet that said If I Were the Easter Bunny… and asked a few different questions that the kids all answered! The books read were Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story and Strictly No Elephants. I hope the kids had fun having a different teacher for the day!

Tuesday, April 6th when we return we have Graduation pictures and our little class Easter party. Graduation pictures are in a cap and gown so moms of girls, watch for high ponytails as a cap will be on their heads!

Next week our letter is Qq and we will finish up the last few letters we need to cover in the month of April! May is a BIG review month and graduation prep!

Let me know if you have any questions MrsAimeeABC@gmail.com! 🙂