Hi Parents,

We had another fun week and also played a little April fools joke on all of the kids!  I’m sure they told you that ALL of the teachers switched classes on Friday so Mrs. Aimee taught my class and I taught her half day class. It was a crazy day! Here is a snap shot of the rest of our week…

We talked about the letter Ee so in centers the kids did beginning sound matching with egg puzzles, they looked for tiny elephants in plastic eggs (they had to tell me the letter or number on the egg before opening it), and they built humpty dumpty’s wall with cups and put him on top. They also, cut and glued a cracked egg to make humpty dumpty, they counted Easter erasers into egg cartons with numbers on the bottom, and stacked plastic egg halves to see how high they would go.

In science we took REAL eggs and dropped them off humpty dumpty’s wall onto different surfaces to see if we could save him or if he would crack. For most groups he landed softly but we did have a few cracked eggs by the end!

In art, the kids colorfully decorated the elephant Elmer. Ask the kids about the book ‘Elmer’ that we read and they can tell you about him.

Next week we have our Easter party on Tuesday and the rest of the week we are talking about the letter Qq. Looking forward to it!

Take Care,