This week we learned about the letter “U.” On Tuesday, the theme was Underwater Adventure. We practiced our first and last names and phone numbers in the morning. After circle time, we read the story “The Rainbow Fish” that not only talked about living underwater but also about sharing with friends. In morning centers, they colored their underwater pouches with markers to make an underwater scene. They matched letter shells with the word that began with that letter. They rolled dice and counted goldfish. And they did an activity cutting out animals and deciding if they live on land or in the water. For afternoon centers, they did a push pin activity to make a winter animal or accessory. They colored their flashlights for their underwater pouches, practiced writing upper and lower case U, and did an I-Spy that was ocean themed. At the end of the day, they did an ocean count the room and then we had story time reading underwater stories and talking again about what animals live on land and what animals live in the water. It was a great day!

On Wednesday, our theme was “UP” For morning work, they practiced writing the letter U. In morning centers, they got to use their flashlights to see their artwork come alive! This was so magical and fun for the kids. They played a roll and count game with the letter U. They made rainbow towers by counting the correct number of blocks. They cut and glued umbrellas putting them in order from smallest to largest. For specials, they learned the new sound and motion to our new letter U. The new animal is Umber Umbrella bird! The kids always love to go over their letter sounds and motions for each letter of the alphabet! At the end of the day, we did a fishy bubbles activity where I held up a capital letter fish and they had to find the matching lowercase fishy bubble. For story time, we read stories relating to the letter U.

On Thursday, our theme was unicorns and umbrellas. In the morning, they practiced writing their teen numbers. During circle time, we sang Happy Birthday to Chandler and celebrated his birthday all day! For morning centers, they did a Rainbow fish writing activity, where they had to decide what to share with their friends and how it made them feel. They did another set of rainbow towers, but this time with 2 numbers and adding them together! They did a unicorn themed game making ten frames and also cut out pictures that start with the letter U and glued them on their paper. For Art, they painted with balloons. This was messy but fun! They also cut and glued pieces to make a unicorn. For story time, we read stories about unicorns and I introduced them to Flat Stanley, which we will be talking about more before Spring Break.