Hi Parents,

What a fun week with Dr. Seuss! One of my favorites for sure. Here is a snap shot…

In centers the kids made thing 1’s hair by blowing blue paint with a straw, they stacked red cups and white paper to make the Cat in The Hat’s hat, and they colored green eggs and ham and glued them on a plate. They also made a Wocket in a pocket just like the book, they put together Dr. Seuss puzzles, and counted the Dr. Seuss characters and clipped the number they counted with a clothes pin.

They loved trying green eggs and ham after reading the book! Some gave them a thumbs up and some gave them a thumbs down. We took lots of pictures!

In science we talked about the 5 senses and did some hands on things with ‘touch’ and ‘sight.’ Next week we will cover the other 3 senses.

We read so many Dr. Seuss books, ‘The Foot Book,’ ‘The Cat In The Hat,’ ‘Oh The Wonderful Sounds Mr. Brown Can Do,’ ‘There’s A Wocket In My Pocket’ and so many more. Ask your child which was their favorite.

Next week we’ll talk about the letter ‘Gg.’ Gumballs, Grandparents, and Gardening, can’t wait!

Take Care,