Another week down and only two more remain! We finished up reviewing the month of December, January, and February this week. We covered the letters Cc, Jj, Ii, Ss, Ww, Xx, Dd, Hh, Ll, and Vv. The numbers 11-16 we reviewed along with our shapes: star, heart and triangle and our colors blue, black, white, pink and purple. There were a lot of kids that participated in the two theme days we had on Tuesday and Thursday. Tuesday we were covering the month of December and asked to pull out their Christmas clothes and on Thursday we were in Hawaiian clothes in hopes of bringing some warm weather with the tropical vibe!

The books we had this week included Sunshine and Storm, Z is for Moose, and Dog Days of School.

This week we also started our graduation practice for just a few minutes each day with Mrs. Trish. We will continue to practice with her a few minutes each day and the last week of school we will do complete walk throughs of how they will walk down the aisle and also where to stand and the short songs they will be presenting. Since our graduation ceremonies are the following week, we have to make sure they know where they are going and standing for their performance!

A few of the centers and activities we did in class this week were: When I Grow Up page with self portrait, letter tracing, number tracing, phone number and address tracing and verbal practice, May writing sample, Snowman sequencing page, color by lowercase letter, spring graphing, and their hand trace. We also have been trying to finish up our end of the year evaluations.

This coming Tuesday the 18th is our 100th day of school. A yellow half sheet note was sent home a week ago informing you of this date and we asked that students create either an item to wear or bring in that has 100 items on it! We want to see their creativity and will be sharing our unique ideas with the other Pre-K class.

Next week we also are reviewing our March and April months concepts and the last week of school we will do our best to have a good time and tie up any loose ends we need to!

If you have any questions, please let me know Have a great weekend!