Hi Parents,

We had such a great last week of school! Here’s a final snapshot of our week…

Tuesday was our 100th day. Every student either wore 100 of something or brought 100 of something. They each had a chance to share what they had, beads, stickers, LEGO’s, dots, pom poms, etc. It was really fun to see, thank you for being creative and counting with us!

Wednesday was boot camp day and everyone was in camo. Our centers revolved around letter review, in the big room the assistants had the kids complete an obstacle course, and we marched everywhere. Another really fun day!

Thursday or course was our last day of school and pajama day. Our centers were fun and simple and had a camping theme. In the afternoon we sat around a pretend campfire, ate pretend s’mores, and sang the bear song. The kids had the chance to go inside our big tent that was set up and we read ‘Llama Llama Loves Camping’ and ‘Biscuit Goes Camping.’ We ended our camping time by doing a camping scavenger hunt.

Thank you for such a wonderful year, I have loved teaching each one of your kids. Wow, they have learned and grown! Thank you for entrusting them to me. Have a wonderful summer!

Take Care,