I cannot believe that this will be my last post for this school year!!! I have enjoyed teaching each and every one of your children. They, now, will always have a place in my heart!!!

This week we had fun with our different themed days. We had our 100th day of school celebration on Tuesday. On this day, we did a bunch of fun activities around the number 100. On Wednesday, we had our “Boot Camp” day. We were able to wear camouflage and were given a bandana and a dog tag. We did activities around our ABC Boot Camp. On Thursday, our last day, we had pajama day/camping day. We had a day of fun with our friends!!! We played games and even got to listen to stories about camping while sitting in a tent. We also had a camping themed scavenger hunt.

I hope to see a lot of you at graduation on Monday night!!!! Please do not leave without saying goodbye or me getting a hug from your kiddo!!!

Mrs. Brandi