Week of May 4-6

Mrs. Amanda’s Classroom

It’s so hard to believe that this is the last month of school!  The month of may starts our review month.  This week we reviewed the letters A, M, F, R, O, P, T, Z, and N.  We were also busy making our special Mother’s Day gifts.  I hope you enjoy them and have a very Happy Mother’s Day. 

We are learning our phone numbers and addresses at school.  If you do not have a home phone listed, I am teaching them mom’s cell phone.  If you wish your child to learn a different one, please let me know.  It is great to work on this at home along with your address.  I have been rewarding them with an extra treasure box for reciting their phone numbers.  Keep up the great work everyone!

Literacy Activities:

  • Upper/lower case letter apple tree match
  • Popsicle letter puzzle matching
  • Spin and cover the letters Ff, Rr, Oo, Pp
  • Letter N and Z sound puzzle

Math and Science Activities:

  • Play-doh number worms
  • Made farm fence patterns with colored Popsicle sticks
  • Stacked cups by number patterns
  • Feed the zebras by counting number scoops
  • Made turkey feather patterns by stringing beads
  • Wrote monster numbers and made their tally marks

Fine Motor and Art Activities:

  • Filled muffin tins with water beads
  • Balanced number frogs on lily pads in water
  • Built the letters A and M with beads and wrote the letters
  • Picked popcorn pieces and wrote the letter
  • Cut cooked noodles

Books We Read:

  • Rhyming Dust Bunnies
  • Geese Find the Missing Piece
  • Spend It

Next Week/Reminders:

Next week we will review the letters C,  J, W, S, I, X, L, V, H, and D.

We still try to go outside if the weather allows.  Please make sure to send your child with a jacket, the weather does change throughout the day.

I encourage everyone to send in a water bottle.  We do not have a water fountain available because of COVID.

Have a great weekend!

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