Hi Parents,

We had a great week of review! Here’s a snap shot…

On Tuesday we reviewed letters Aa and Mm. In centers the kids counted apples (pom poms) onto an apple tree, laced worms (pipe cleaners) through holes in apples that had numbers on them, and worked on 10 frames using moon rocks (crumpled foil). They also practiced writing both letters and worked on beginning sounds by rolling a die with letters on them. They had to say the letter, the sound, and come up with words that started with that sound.

On Wednesday we reviewed the letters Ff, Oo, Pp, and Rr. In centers they matched rainbows with letters and their beginning sounds, pulled popcorn (letters) out of popcorn bins and wrote the letters, and we talked about opposites. They also followed pattern cards to make colorful fences on a farm, made silly faces on monsters from outer space, and put buttons on Pete the Cat.

On Thursday we reviewed the letters Nn, Tt, and Zz. In centers they parked cars with numbers on them in the correct parking spot (that had dots on them), they sorted zoo and farm animals from rice bins, and wrote all of their numbers 1-20.

In art, they drew on a piece of white paper with a white crayon and then painted over it with watercolors. They turned out cute and will be sent home next week!

Next week will be another week of review. Looking forward to it!

Take Care,