First off, thank you for the thoughtfulness of the sweets, treats and gifts that were brought in this week for Teacher Appreciation Week, I thank you and it is appreciated greatly!!!

This is our last month together and we will be tackling it a bit differently from the previous months. We will be reviewing letters, shapes, numbers, and colors each day. Some activities will be in centers and some may be as a whole class. It will vary day to day. If there isn’t a lot of actual paperwork coming home, that doesn’t mean we aren’t working hard, we just may be doing different activities to review all our concepts.

The letters we covered this week were: Aa, Mm, Ff, Oo, Pp, Rr, Nn, Tt, and Zz. When we review the letter recognition we are also reviewing the letter sound. Numbers we had this week were 0 through 10. The shapes we covered were circle, oval, square and rectangle. Rectangle seems to be a tricky one for some to remember. For extra practice, have your child find different items in your home that are those shapes. We had three colors: red, orange and brown.

I read two books this week: Kindness from A to Z and The Rain Came Down. I like to read to the kids but this week we were busy reviewing and also getting some Mother’s Day items completed.

Also this week, we have started doing our end of the year evaluations which will continue through the rest of the month.

Next Tuesday we are reviewing our December concepts and are asking for Christmas wear! Thursday is Hawaiian day so find those flower print shirts!

100th Day is on the 18th and a yellow half sheet note went home this week, PLEASE let me know if you have questions about what to do! The students will get to show off their creativity with the other Pre-K class.

Graduation information also went home, PLEASE be sure to turn that in ASAP! Only 9 more days and we are done already! Holy Cow!!!

If there are any questions regarding any of the end of the year activities, please let me know!

Happy Mother’s Day weekend!!! Enjoy!